Applying for a place at Burnside Nursery

Children are admitted to Burnside Nursery the term after their 3rd birthday from our waiting list, providing there are sufficient places. In instances where places are limited, they will be admitted in the September following their 3rd Birthday in line with our Admissions Policy.   

When should I register/apply for a place at Burnside Nursery?
You can register your child on our waiting list at any time after your child is born. Once your child is registered they will remain on our list and allocated a place the term before they are due to start. Places are allocated in line with our Admissions Policy.  

How do I apply for a place/register my child for Burnside Nursery?
To apply for a place at Burnside Nursery all you need to do is fill in a Registration Form. This is available from the school office, online or by clicking on the attachment above. This places your child’s name on our waiting list.  The term before your child is due to start you will be contacted by the Nursery, a date will be given for a meeting and the transition process explained.   
What happens when there are not enough places for all of the children on the waiting list?
If your child is eligible to start Nursery in Spring or Summer terms but there are insufficient places, the Nursery will contact you to confirm your offer of a place in the Autumn term following your child’s 3rd birthday. It is extremely rare that there would be insufficient places in an Autumn term, but should this be the case, places will be allocated in line with our Admissions Policy.    

If my child is offered a place in Burnside Nursery, does this mean they will be admitted to Burnside Primary School?
No. A place in Burnside Nursery does not guarantee that your child will be admitted to Burnside’s Reception class. Reception places are allocated by the Local Authority following their policies and procedures and are therefore not under the governance of the school.  

What happens once my child is allocated a place?  
We will contact you during the term before they are due to be admitted. You will be invited to a parents information meeting and an individual transition plan tailored to your child’s needs will be put in place during that meeting with your child’s keyworker.