Reading and Phonics

Phonics Programme

At Burnside Primary School, we follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics programme with ‘Jolly Phonics’ actions and pictures to support this.

The teaching of phonics begins in Nursery, where children develop their listening skills and learn to distinguish one sound from another by joining in with rhymes and songs and by playing listening games. 

Discrete phonics lessons take place daily across Reception and Key Stage 1. They follow the structure of ‘Review, Teach, Practise, Apply’ to ensure that children are consolidating phonic knowledge and skills over time and that they are able to apply them in context. Phonics sessions will also be continued into Key Stage 2, where necessary to support those children who do not yet have the phonic knowledge and skills they need.


We have found that following the structure and guidance of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme ensures a full coverage of phonic sounds and skills. Teaching allows the children opportunities to apply and consolidate their phonic knowledge in a variety of contexts. This then allows them to link phonic rules and strategies to their writing and reading tasks more effectively.