Mrs Williams, Deputy Headteacher

My responsibilities cover a number of aspects of school life. Firstly, as my job title suggests, I deputise for Miss Ramsay. Secondly, there are my day to day responsibilities; ongoing monitoring of the quality of teaching and learning in classrooms; overseeing the curriculum as a whole; its structure, assessment and evaluation; working alongside other agencies to meet the needs of our children; behaviour and safety, including safeguarding, child protection and attendance.
I also co-ordinate our professional development for staff, including our lesson study programme. Our lesson study programme allows me to work with a large number of staff across the school on a continuous basis, as part of our continuous drive to improve the quality of  learning and teaching.
As leader of Burnside Primary’s Science team , I am responsible for promoting the profile and quality of teaching and learning in science throughout the school. My role is to enthuse our children about science and ensure they progress their practical investigation skills alongside scientific knowledge through a creative science curriculum.

I also have responsibility for ensuring the school fulfils it's responsibilities in relation to the Pupil Premium funding from government.
 Finally, I currently teach two days a week.