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March 2024 Round Ups

Latest News Round Up

22nd March 2024


Easter Egg "Decorate an Egg" Competition


Creative Management will be hosting our Annual decorate an Egg for Easter Competition, this will be on Wednesday 27th March, all children who wish to enter please bring a decorated egg into school on Wednesday morning (must be the children's own work)



We are thrilled to share some fantastic news from our recent skipping competition. Our Year 5 Skippers have returned not just with one, but with two shining trophies!


The children were simply amazing, demonstrating incredible skill and enthusiasm. Their fabulous skipping ability did not go unnoticed, as we received numerous compliments from other schools at the competition.


We are incredibly proud of their achievement and the positive spirit they have shown. This accomplishment is a testament to their hard work and dedication.


Please join us in congratulating our Year 5 Skippers on their outstanding performance


Building Work Update


We would like to inform you that over the weekend, the local authority has commissioned a scaffolding company to erect scaffolding around the school premises. This is in preparation for the upcoming work to replace the school roof.


Please be aware that this may result in slight changes to the school access points on Monday. We are committed to ensuring that the safety and convenience of our students and their families are maintained during this period.


We will communicate any necessary adjustments to the drop-off and pick-up points as soon as possible. Rest assured, we will provide you with all the details to facilitate a smooth transition.


We wish you a restful and enjoyable weekend.



Privacy and Respect

I am writing to address a matter of privacy and respect within our school community.


Recently, it has come to our attention that a photograph of a parent and child was taken on school grounds without their consent and subsequently shared on a social media platform. This incident has raised concerns about privacy and the inappropriate use of images.


We take the privacy of our students, parents, and staff very seriously. As such, we kindly request that all members of our school community refrain from taking photographs on school premises without obtaining permission from those being photographed, especially when the images involve our students.


Sharing images without consent is not only disrespectful but can also have unintended consequences, particularly when posted online. We must all work together to ensure our school remains a safe and private space for everyone.


Please be reminded that any photography within the school grounds should be for personal use only and not for public distribution, unless prior permission has been granted by the individuals involved and the school administration.


We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and your commitment to maintaining a respectful and secure environment for our children.


Thank you for your understanding and support.



Great Big School Clean

I am pleased to announce that Burnside will be taking part in the 'Great Big School Clean' campaign run by Keep Britain Tidy following the huge success of the project last year. Over the Easter holidays we are asking children if they can do their part to reduce litter in their community.


As 2024 marks the 70th anniversary of Keep Britain Tidy, they have set everyone the challenge of collecting 70 pieces of litter! 


This year we have a limited amount of litter picking equipment that we are able to loan to families to enable more people to take part. If you would like to borrow some equipment then please call into the school office to collect and sign out the equipment.


We have high visibility jackets, gloves (in children’s sizes) and litter pickers. They will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Please return these in the first week back after Easter so we are able to start our summer Eco Warrior litter project. 


If you would like to take part and do a litter pick with your child, please also take some photos and let us know how many bags or pieces of litter you manage to collect via email. We have certificates for any Litter Legends out there! 



If you would like to do some litter picking for the Great Big School Clean, we recommend that you avoid:
● Potentially hazardous objects such as unidentified cans or canisters, oil drums and chemical containers.
● Sharp objects such as broken glass and disposable BBQs – these should be
collected in separate containers not litter bags.
● Clinical waste such as needles/syringes – do not attempt to move them yourself. Make a note of their location and inform your local council.
● Hazardous areas such as deep or fast-flowing water, steep, slippery or unstable banks, sharp rocks, derelict buildings, busy roads and electric fences (which are identified by yellow warning signs).
● Working alone – all children must work alongside an adult.

To avoid illness from poor hygiene, all those taking part in the clean-up must:
● Wear heavy-duty, protective gloves at all times.
● Cover any cuts (however minor) with surgical tape or a waterproof plaster.
● Keep hands away from mouth and eyes while litter-picking.
● Wash hands and forearms before eating, drinking or going to the toilet.


Remember: No one is too small to make a big difference!


Good luck and happy litter picking!


Mrs Willis

Eco Schools Coordinator



15 Hours of Free Childcare for 2-Year-Olds


 We are delighted to share some exciting news regarding childcare support in the UK. The government has made substantial investments with the aim of enhancing childcare services and making them more accessible for families like yours.

  1. 15 Hours of Free Childcare for 2-Year-Olds: Commencing in April 2024, eligible working parents of 2-year-olds will have access to 15 hours of free childcare support. This initiative seeks to provide early learning opportunities and alleviate the financial strain on families.

  2. Extended Support for 3 and 4-Year-Olds: Currently, eligible working parents of 3 and 4-year-olds can already access 30 hours of childcare support. This provision remains unchanged and continues to be a valuable resource for families.


We are keen to gauge the level of interest among our families and the local community. If you believe that offering this extended support at Burnside would be beneficial, we kindly request you to telephone the school office to register your interest. Feel free to share this information with family members and friends, inviting them to do the same. The school office can be reached at 01670 736 052.


Thank you for your continued partnership in nurturing our young learners.


Sad Retirement News

It is with a mix of emotions that I share the news of Mrs. Shaw’s retirement after an incredible 22 years of dedicated service at Burnside. As our esteemed Assistant Headteacher and Early Years Leader, Mrs. Shaw has played an integral role in shaping the lives of countless students during her 28 years as an educator. Mrs Shaw will leave us at the end of the Summer Term.


Mrs. Shaw’s unwavering commitment to our school community has been nothing short of remarkable. She has not only imparted knowledge but also instilled values, kindness, and resilience in generations of young learners. Her passion for teaching and her genuine care for each child have left an indelible mark on our school.


As a colleague, Mrs. Shaw has been a pillar of support. Her wisdom, patience, and unwavering dedication have inspired us all. Whether it was collaborating on projects, mentoring new teachers, or simply sharing a friendly chat, Mrs. Shaw’s presence has been uplifting.


We will miss her infectious enthusiasm, her warm smile, and her ability to turn challenges into opportunities. Mrs. Shaw’s legacy will continue to resonate through the halls of Burnside long after her retirement.


Please join me in expressing our heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Shaw for her outstanding service. We wish her a joyful and fulfilling retirement, filled with new adventures, relaxation, and cherished moments with loved ones.


Thank you, Mrs. Shaw, for being an exceptional educator, colleague, and friend. Your impact on our school community is immeasurable, and you will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Parking Issues


We have had several reports of inconsiderate drivers and verbal abuse from residents and local businesses in relation to drivers who abandon their cars on double yellow lines, block driveways and use parking areas that are restricted.  Please bear in mind whilst parking to be considerate of others, vigilant at all times and not to park dangerously.

Thank You



Latest News - 15th March 2024


Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Kind

As we approach the end of another week at Burnside School, I wanted to take a moment to share some reflections with you.


Our school motto—“Be safe, Be Smart, Be Kind”—has been at the forefront of our discussions in the classrooms. It warms my heart to see how our pupils embody these principles. Their behaviour is nothing short of exemplary, and I couldn’t be prouder.


Visitors, external assessors, and new families joining our school consistently praise our children’s excellent conduct. Their positive feedback reinforces the strong foundation we’ve built together. However, it’s essential to remember that our children are still learning and growing. They will inevitably make mistakes and occasionally make poor choices.


Recently, I’ve been engaging with our pupils about the concept of rough play. What may begin as innocent fun can sometimes lead to unintended consequences. Tears may flow without any ill intent, but it’s crucial for our children to recognise the impact of their actions.


I’ve also emphasised the importance of thinking before acting ( Be Smart). This can be challenging, especially for our young learners. Yet, I was heartened to discover that even our youngest children, including those in Reception, have a solid understanding of our school’s behaviour policy.


Let me reiterate: If a child intentionally harms another physically, their name will be moved to the red zone on the classroom behaviour chart. Additionally, they may be asked to spend part of the day in another class and, if appropriate, write a letter of apology to the injured child (taking into account their writing skills). Please note that children have the opportunity to move back up during the day and every day is a new start.


As parents, your role is vital in reinforcing our school’s message at home. Please continue to discuss these principles with your children, promoting kindness, empathy, and responsible behaviour. Together, we can nurture a supportive and respectful environment for all.


Thank you for your ongoing partnership and support. Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Kind


Parking Outside School

Recently, I was contacted by the nursing home adjacent to our school. They have been facing significant challenges due to vehicles obstructing the entrance to their facility. On one particularly critical occasion, access was completely blocked, and an ambulance that had been called to assist one of their residents could not get through. As a result, the patient’s transfer to the hospital was delayed.


I urge all parents and carers to park respectfully and considerately when dropping off or picking up children. Let us be mindful of the impact our actions can have on others. Here are some essential guidelines to follow:


Avoid blocking access: Ensure that your vehicle does not obstruct the nursing home’s entrance or exit. Leave enough space for emergency vehicles to pass without hindrance.


Use designated parking areas: Avoid stopping on the cycle path, across the entrance to school or nursing home, on double yellow lines.

Emergency vehicles need clear paths to reach those in need promptly either at the school or at the nursing home.


Set a positive example: Teach our children about responsible parking habits. Remind them of the importance of respecting the needs of our neighbours, especially those in vulnerable situations.


By adhering to these guidelines, we can contribute to the safety and well-being of our community. Let us show compassion and consideration to the nursing home residents and staff.


School Attendance

Today, we had an incredibly positive meeting with the Educational Welfare Office (EWO), and I am pleased to share some important updates regarding our school’s attendance.


Overall Attendance: 94% Our school’s attendance rate is currently at 94%, which is commendable. While it is slightly below the national target of 96%, it reflects the commitment of our pupils and families to regular school attendance.


Class 2T Exceptional Attendance: Well Done, Class 2T! I am thrilled to highlight Miss Turnbull’s Year 2 class for their exceptional attendance. Every student in Class 2T has maintained an impressive attendance rate of over 92%. Congratulations to the students and their families for this outstanding achievement! 🎉


Support from Mrs. Lawson As part of our commitment to supporting families, we have Mrs. Lawson, our dedicated School Attendance Officer, available to assist anyone facing challenges with their child’s attendance. Mrs. Lawson can provide guidance, answer questions, and offer support. If you would like to schedule an appointment with her, please feel free to contact the school office.


Remember, consistent school attendance is crucial for your child’s education and overall well-being. Let’s continue working together to promote positive attendance habits and ensure every student’s success.


Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership.


SEND coffee morning and planned 1km run


First and foremost, thank you to everyone who participated in the recent coffee morning for parents and carers of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).


The meeting was a wonderful opportunity for us to come together, share information, and provide support to one another.


During the meeting, a fantastic suggestion was made: organising a fund raising event to raise funds for enhancing our school’s resources dedicated to supporting pupils with additional needs. Both Mrs. Burnip and I wholeheartedly embraced this idea, recognising its potential impact.


Our plan is to host a sponsored pupil and parent 1km run during the upcoming summer term. Here are the details:

  • Pupils: Students can either complete the run alongside their classmates.
  • Parents and carers: You are invited to join your children in this fun and meaningful event.


We are currently working on finalising the date for the run, and we will share this information with you soon. In the meantime, consider this your cue to start your training! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

We are genuinely excited about this initiative and  appreciate your unwavering support. Together, we can make a positive difference for our pupils with additional needs


Children's Cancer Run

Sunday 19th May 2024


Please join us for this year's Greggs Children's Cancer Run (please remember all children must be accompanied by a parent)


The cut off for our early bird rate for runners is 31st March so get your school signed up now and promote the run to your school community to ensure they can take advantage of those early bird rates.


This year we have a new feature that allows your school to have an online team fundraising page with a shared school total. Please encourage your pupils to sign up online, anytime from now, and select your school name as their team when they enter. They can sign up here:


Support around safeguarding and online fundraising pages:

This year we have a feature where all participants can join their school team fundraising page, which we think is a great tool for encouraging the school community to come together. However, we would advise that once your pupils have registered, that on their fundraising page they go to ‘edit display name’ and change their display name so that it does not include their full name. So for example, just first name or initials. If they do not do this then it is possible for external participants to see a child’s full name and the school they go to. Here is an article that may help: 

Logging in and editing/ updating your personal fundraising page | Enthuse Help Centre.


We would appreciate if you could spread this message with families planning on attending the run. Please do let us know if you have any questions around this and we look forward to seeing you in May!


Run Pack

Your run pack, complete with run numbers, start times and children's t-shirts, will be sent direct to your home address or via your school (if you have said you are running for a school) in late April/early May. If you have any queries in the meantime please check out our FAQs on the event website or feel free to contact the team at


All children's t-shirts, which are included in their entry fee, will be enclosed in their run packs.

If you have purchased an adult technical t-shirt for £10, or other merchandise with your registration, we will post these out separately to your home address. If you haven't ordered an adult technical t-shirt yet they will be available to purchase on the day.


You can also find our paper sponsorship forms here: Childrens-Cancer-North-Sponsorship-form.pdf (


New Family Visits

Over the past few weeks, we have been delighted to receive numerous inquiries from families interested in visiting our school. These requests have come from families considering enrollment for their children in various year groups, including Nursery and Reception classes.


What we really appreciate is that many of these families have been referred to us by parents who already have their children attending Burnside. Your positive experiences and kind words about our school have reached the ears of others in the local community, and for that, we are immensely grateful.


At Burnside, we strive to create a nurturing and stimulating environment where every child can flourish. Your support and advocacy play a crucial role in building a strong school community. We appreciate your trust in us and look forward to welcoming new families through our doors.


If you know anyone else who might be interested in joining our Burnside family, please don’t hesitate to share your positive experiences with them. Together, we can continue to make Burnside a place where learning thrives and friendships blossom.


Thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to many more shared moments of growth and achievement.

8th March 2024


World Book Day

I am thrilled to share that our World Book Day celebrations were an absolute success! The enthusiasm and creativity displayed by our children (and yes, even the parents!) were truly commendable. The costumes this year were nothing short of exceptional, transporting us into the magical worlds of literature.


Kudos to everyone who participated! 🌟


Now, let’s turn our attention to the exciting results of the “Are You a Reading Star?” competition. Drumroll, please! 🥁

  • EYFS Category: Robbie G Robbie’s great start at becoming a reader shines brightly, and we’re delighted to award him with a well-deserved victory.

  • KS1 Category: Evie Mc Evie’s love for books has truly captured our hearts. Congratulations, Evie!

  • Lower KS2 Category: Olivia W Olivia’s dedication to exploring new stories is inspiring. Way to go, Olivia!

  • Upper KS2 Category: Jess W Jess’s literary adventures have earned her the top spot. Fantastic job, Jess!

Each of our winners received a £5 book token, which they can use to select a book of their choice. Let’s continue nurturing their love for reading and imagination.


Thank you to all the parents and carers for supporting our young readers. Your encouragement makes a world of difference.

Happy reading, everyone! 📚✨


British Science Week

From 8th to the 14th March 2024, our school will be taking part in British Science Week. To launch this year's theme which is 'Time,' children have observed a virtual assembly led by the Royal Observatory Greenwich and they will take part in 'Time' themed Science investigations throughout next week.


Please find attached an activities pack which contains investigations which you may like to carry out at home. We look forward to hearing about your science experiments!


Mrs Ray Year 1 teacher Science Coordinator


PE Uniform

We’d like to remind you about our PE uniform policy.


On days when your children have PE lessons, they are welcome to come to school dressed in their PE attire. It’s important to note that branded clothing is not required; however, all students should adhere to the PE uniform guidelines.


The PE kit, or ‘uniform,’ is worn for the entire day on a child’s allocated PE day. This approach helps minimize lost property and maximizes the time spent participating in sports and exercise, rather than changing clothes. Here are the specific items that constitute the PE uniform:

  1. Black T-shirt or plain white T-shirt
  2. Black jogging bottoms
  3. Black PE shorts
  4. Trainers


Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that the children are well-prepared for physical education activities.



Book fair- Big thank you!


BIG thank you to everyone who visited us at the book fair last week. It is always great to see children excited about reading!


Sales totalled £1356.75, therefore as a school we earned £746.21 rewards through commission to spend on books. This is wonderful! 


The reading leaders have already selected some books from the fair to buy and will continue to work alongside Miss Turnbull to spend the remainder of the money this half term on stocking up the reading cabin and class libraries, to promote reading for pleasure. 


Well done everyone!



Burnside will be joining  thousands of other brilliant people in schools, workplaces and local communities to raise vital funds and create a more inclusive society for autistic people.



The Toby Henderson Trust (TTHT) is an independently funded charity that provides essential support to autistic children, young people, and adults, along with their families and carers in the North East of England. Their mission is commendable, and they rely on community contributions to continue their valuable work.


On Wednesday, March 27th, the Year 5 children will be hosting a whole-school cake stall to raise funds. The proceeds from this  event will be divided between the Toby Henderson Trust and the National Autistic Society. It’s heartening to know that these efforts will directly benefit those in need.


If you’d like to contribute, please consider donating cakes to the school office via your child. To accommodate everyone, especially those with allergies and intolerances, kindly avoid sending cakes containing nuts. Gluten-free options would be greatly appreciated.


At the cake stall, children will have the opportunity to select their favorite treats, and all cakes will be priced at 50p. You can contribute your donation either through the school’s money app or in cash.


And there’s more good news! If there are enough cakes left, a second cake sale will be held on the following day, March 28th.


Thank you for being part of this meaningful endeavor!



Easter Holiday Club

 As the Easter holiday approaches, we’re excited as we make our plans for keeping your children happy, energized, and engaged during this break. Our dedicated staff are here to ensure that every child has a fantastic time!


Holiday Club Details:

  • Dates: From Tuesday 2nd April to Thursday 11th April 2024
  • Timings: 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM


Program Highlights: We’ve put together a full program of exciting activities right here at school. Your children can look forward to a variety of fun experiences.


  1. Breakfast for Early Arrivals:

    • Children arriving before 8:30 AM will be offered a nutritious breakfast to kick-start their day.
  2. Healthy Snacks:

    • Mid-morning and afternoon, we’ll provide healthy snacks to keep their energy levels up.
  3. Lunchtime:

    • If your child is staying over lunchtime, please pack a healthy lunch (nut-free, please) for them.
    • Don’t forget to send children with a water bottle to stay refreshed throughout the day.


Thank you for entrusting us with your children during this special time. 



1st March Latest News


Special Menu for World Book Day - Thursday 7th March


We are excited to announce that on Thursday, March 7th, in celebration of World Book Day, Creative management will be serving a special menu during lunchtime.


This delightful menu will replace the usual offerings, allowing our students to enjoy a literary-inspired culinary experience.


As we immerse ourselves in the magic of books, let our taste buds embark on an equally enchanting journey. We encourage our students to savor this unique menu and perhaps even discover flavors that transport them to the pages of their

favorite stories.


Fantastic Mr Fox’s Favourite Sticky Chicken Noodles

Supertato’s Spectacular Jacket Potato with Big Friendly Giant Beans

Cheshire Cat’s Cheesy Marconi Bake

Horrid Henry’s Homemade Beef Lasagne served with

scrumdiddlyumptious Garlic Bread


All served with Perfect Peter’s Peas and Corn on the Cob


Charlie Buckets Chocolate Brownies

Willy Wonka’s Iced sponge with Hundreds and Thousands

James and the Giant Peaches and Ice Cream

Vertie Turtle’s Yoghurt Station


Mental Health - Drop in Sessions

Mrs Akram, our Mental Health Leader will be offering drop in sessions once again this term for the children in school.


These will be in the Wellness Room on:

5,12,19 & 26 March 2024 from 12.30 until 1pm


Come along to chat with our Mental Health Lead, Mrs Akram.
She will be happy to listen and can advise on further support where required.


Recycle to Read Batteries Collection

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our school is recycling batteries to protect the planet (and for a chance to win book vouchers for the school).
We need your help - plus your child could win some fantastic eco-inspired prizes too!

How can you help?
1. Hunt out used batteries at home. We are collecting AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and button batteries.
2. Tape over the contacts of lithium (Li) and button batteries (see below).
3. Put them in a tied plastic bag (preferably reused)
4. Take them to school.
5. Enter the prize draw at

Safety first:
Not only is storing and recycling batteries safely great for the environment, it can also help reduce risks associated with batteries:
● Batteries can cause serious injury or death if swallowed, please keep batteries out of reach of small children and pets.
● Lithium and button batteries need to be taped so their contacts don’t touch, as they could short circuit if they do.
Use sticky tape over the contacts (top and bottom of batteries). Button batteries can be placed in a line between two sections of sticky tape. Lithium batteries can look like
any battery, but they will have lithium (Li) written on them.

Many thanks for your support and happy battery hunting!

To find out more, head to:

Mrs Willis
Eco Schools Lead

Sports Library Year 4 Trial

Dear Parents/Carer,


We are excited to announce the launch of Burnside’s new Sports Library during the Spring term! This initiative aims to provide your child with access to a variety of sports equipment that they can borrow for a week. The Sports Library collection includes items such as netballs, rugby balls, basketballs, tennis rackets, howlers, frisbees, and skipping ropes. Your child will have the opportunity to take these items home and enjoy active playtime with the family.

Initially, the Sports Library will be available to Year 4 pupils, and we plan to gradually extend it to other year groups. Here’s how it works:


  1. Borrowing: Children can borrow their preferred sports equipment for a week.
  2. Extension: If they need more time, they can extend their loan period.
  3. Variety: After a week, they can choose to swap their borrowed item for a different one.

We kindly request that all items are well cared for to ensure the longevity of our Sports Library. While wear and tear are expected, responsible handling will help us maintain this exciting resource for everyone.


Thank you for your support, and let’s keep the spirit of sports alive at Burnside!


Collecting pupils for appointments during the school day


We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that routine medical appointments are scheduled outside of school hours or during school holidays whenever possible. However, we understand that there are other types of appointments that may require children to miss part of the school day.


When such situations arise, we kindly request that you follow these guidelines:

  1. Advance Notification: Please inform the school in advance if your child needs to attend an appointment during school hours. This allows us to plan accordingly and ensure a smooth process.

  2. Proof of Appointment: To authorise your child’s absence, provide proof of the appointment. You can do this by submitting a letter, email, or text message that clearly indicates the date and time of the appointment.

  3. Timely Collection: When collecting your child from school, arrive promptly. Our office staff may need to attend to other matters, so your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Remember that good attendance at school is crucial for effective learning. We recognise that unavoidable circumstances may lead to absences, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.


Thank you for your understanding and support.


Special Menu for World Book Day - Thursday 7th March


We are excited to announce that on Thursday, March 7th, in celebration of World Book Day, Creative management will be serving a special menu during lunchtime.


This delightful menu will replace the usual offerings, allowing our students to enjoy a literary-inspired culinary experience.


As we immerse ourselves in the magic of books, let our taste buds embark on an equally enchanting journey. We encourage our students to savor this unique menu and perhaps even discover flavors that transport them to the pages of their

favorite stories.






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