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Keep up to date with all the news happening in the school at the moment. Articles are added during the week. Parents are encouraged to check regularly. Our weekly newsletter, emailed directly to parents, summarises content for the week.

  • Transition

    Tue 18 Jun 2024 Deputy Head

    As we approach the end of the academic year, we are beginning preparations for the next step in our pupils’ educational journey. To ensure a smooth transition into the new school year, we have organised a special Transition Morning.

    Date: Tuesday, 25th June 2024 Time: Morning Session

    This is an excellent opportunity for your child to become acquainted with their new classroom and meet their teacher for the next academic year. We believe that by spending time in their new environment, the children will gain confidence and be well-prepared for the start in September.

    Our school prides itself on the consistency of our lesson structures and the effectiveness of our behaviour policies. These elements are crucial in providing a stable and familiar framework for our students, which greatly aids in their adaptation to new settings and expectations.

    During the Transition Morning, children will be registered with their current teacher before attending an assembly. Afterward, they will proceed to their new classrooms with their new teachers. The session will conclude with children returning to their current teacher after lunch.

    For our current Year 6 students, Mr Stokes and Mrs Shepherdson will conduct the morning activities.

    We encourage you to discuss this upcoming change with your child to further ease the transition.

    Current Teacher

    New Teacher

    EYFS Nursery Team

    Mrs Stewart (RS)

    EYFS Nursery Team

    Mrs Czerwinski (RC)

    Mrs Stewart (RS)

    Mrs McCoy (1M)

    Mrs Czerwinski (RC)

    Mrs Ray (1R)

    Mrs Ray (1R)

    Miss Turnbull (2T)

    Mrs McCoy (1M)

    Mrs Akram (2A)

    Mrs Akram (2A)

    Mr Tincombe (3T)

    Miss Turnbull (2T)

    Mrs Burnip (3B)

    Mrs Burnip (3B)

    Mrs McGarry/Mrs Willis (4MW)

    Mr Tincombe (3T)

    Miss Garrett (4G)

    Mrs McGarry/Mrs Willis (4MW)

    Mrs Higham (5H)

    Miss Garrett (4G)

    Mr Kindley (5K)

    Mr Kindley (5K)

    Miss Croft (6C)

    Mrs Higham (5H)

    Mrs Burleigh/Mrs Tweddle (6BT)



  • Bebside Horse Sanctuary Saturday Pony Club

    Thu 13 Jun 2024

    Bebside Pony Club is for children aged 8 year +

    If your child likes spending time outdoors & being with animals,

    please get in touch on our Facebook page "Bebside horses" 

    Sessions run on Saturday's

    2 hr slots 10-12 or 11-1pm £14

    3hr slots 10-1pm £21

  • SEND Parent/Carer Forum Transition Workshops

    Thu 13 Jun 2024
  • Burnside Triumphs in Cramlington and Seaton Valley Year 5 and 6 Girl Championship

    Fri 07 Jun 2024 Headteacher

    Burnside Triumphs in Cramlington and Seaton Valley Year 5 and 6 Girl Championship


    The Burnside Primary School girls’ football team showcased their exceptional talent and determination in the Cramlington and Seaton Valley Year 5 and 6 Girl Championship held today. From the very beginning, they played like true champions, leaving no doubt that they were the team to watch.


    After intense matches against rival schools, Burnside emerged triumphant, securing victory and bringing home the coveted championship trophy. Their skill, teamwork, and unwavering spirit were evident throughout the tournament.


    The proud Burnside team returned to their school, where they took a celebratory lap of honor on the school field. Holding their hard-earned trophy high, they received applause from their fellow students, teachers, and staff. The entire school community shared in their joy and celebrated their remarkable achievement.


    Congratulations to the Burnside girls for their outstanding performance! We look forward to more victories and inspiring moments from our talented students.


    Fri 07 Jun 2024 Headteacher

    Dear Children,


    I am thrilled to announce that the Burnside’s Got Talent Show is making a grand return! After receiving numerous requests from our talented students, I have agreed to organise this exciting event once again. Here are the details:



    Auditions will take place in the children’s classrooms during the week beginning in 8th July. Each year group will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and two acts from each group will proceed to the final.


    Final Show:

    The final show will be held in the school hall on 16th July. Our finalists will perform in front of a live audience comprising the entire school community.


    • No animals are allowed as part of the acts.
    • Performances must not exceed 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
    • The judges’ decision is final.


    Costumes: You are welcome to wear costumes for your performances. Please ensure that costumes are brought into school at the beginning of the week, clearly marked with your name.


    I can’t wait to witness the incredible talents! Let’s make this year’s talent show unforgettable. 🌟



    Miss Ramsay

  • Job Vacancies

    Thu 06 Jun 2024 Headteacher

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to inform you about some exciting job opportunities at our school that you or someone you know might be interested in.

    1. Lunch Supervisors Positions: We currently have vacancies for lunch supervisors. As a lunch supervisor, you would play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of our students during lunchtime. If you have a passion for working with children and maintaining a positive and nurturing environment, we encourage you to apply. Please get in touch with the school office for more details.

    2. Out-of-School Childcare Provision Staff: Additionally, we are looking for staff to join our out-of-school childcare provision. This position requires a minimum of an NCQ Level 3 teaching assistant/childcare qualification or equivalent. If you have the necessary qualifications and a genuine interest in supporting children outside of regular school hours, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the school office to express your interest.

    Feel free to share this information with anyone who might be a good fit for these roles. We appreciate your help in spreading the word!

    Thank you for your continued support of our school community.

  • Rescheduled Sponsored Run Date

    Tue 04 Jun 2024 Headteacher

    I hope this message finds you well. Unfortunately, due to heavy rain prior to the half-term holidays, we had to cancel the sponsored run. However, I’m pleased to inform you that we’ve rescheduled the event for Thursday, 20th June.




    Nursery: 9:15 AM

    Reception: 9:45 AM

    Year 1: 10:45 AM

    Year 2: 11:15 AM

    Year 3: 1:15 PM

    Year 4: 1:45 PM

    Year 5: 2:15 PM

    Year 6: 2:45 PM

    As last time, parents are welcome to join us by either running or supporting  our enthusiastic runners. Let’s hope for better weather this time!


    Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

  • Cramlington Cricket Club

    Fri 24 May 2024

    All Stars Cricket provides boys and girls from 5-8 years old with non-stop fun. The activity and game based programme is suitable for all skill levels, providing your child with the foundations to begin a lifelong love of physical activity and cricket, while making friends in a safe and enjoyable environment.

    • Fri 17 May - Fri 05 Jul 2024
    • 17:30 - 18:30
    • 5-8 years old

    Did you know parents and guardians can get involved and play cricket with their children too?

    It's a great way to spend time with your child and create memories that will last a lifetime.

    Parent activators (helpers) will support the fully accredited lead Activator in delivering the sessions, supporting and encouraging children as they learn new skills. It's completely optional and you do not need to be a cricket expert to be involved.

    Your Activator is Graeme Barnes

    For more information about your All Stars session contact Paul Bramley.

    Contact Details

    T: 07885295862


  • Support with SEND

    Tue 21 May 2024
  • Burnside School’s Commitment to Safeguarding Children.

    Tue 14 May 2024 Headteacher

    I am writing to reaffirm Burnside School’s Commitment to Safeguarding Children. The safety and well-being of our students are paramount, and we wish to keep you informed about the proactive measures we implement to ensure their protection.


    The Role of Adults in School

    Our dedicated staff undergo comprehensive training to attentively listen to the children and promptly relay any concerns to our designated safeguarding leads, Mrs. Williams or myself. Rest assured, we address every concern with the utmost seriousness and, when necessary, collaborate with parents and/or external agencies to ensure the safety of our students.


    Risks Online and in the Home

    In today’s digital age, it is crucial to educate our children about the potential risks they face both online and in their daily lives. Our RSHE and computing curriculums are designed to empower students with knowledge about these risks. Additionally, we utilise our assemblies to discuss acceptable and unacceptable behaviours, fostering a culture of respect and safety inline with our school motto, Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Kind.


    Encouraging Open Communication

    We believe in the importance of open communication. Our students are encouraged to voice any worries they may have with our school staff, whether in person or through our worry box system. This approach ensures that no concern goes unheard and that our students feel supported at all times.


    Risks in the Community

    The safety of our children extends beyond the school premises. We actively monitor and assess ‘school safe’ alerts from local schools. Should a risk be confirmed by the police, we adhere to our internal procedures and promptly.


    Our regular drills for ‘invacuation’ and evacuation are meticulously conducted to ensure that our children are well-prepared to respond in the event of an emergency.


    We thank you for your continued trust in Burnside School. Together, we create a secure environment where our children can thrive.


    Miss Ramsay


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