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Our Uniform Policy

Pride in Our School


At Burnside Primary School, we take immense pride in our school community, and our students reflect this sentiment by wearing their uniforms with honor. Our uniform is not just attire; it is a symbol of the high standards we uphold. Designed to be practical for primary school activities, it also embodies the professionalism we expect from our students.


Dressing for Success

We believe in the importance of dressing smartly and appropriately. At Burnside, children learn from an early age that their presentation can have a profound impact on their future. As they progress to secondary schools and eventually step into the professional world, our students understand the significance of smart, professional attire.


A Partnership with Parents

The role of parents is crucial in maintaining the standard of dress we expect at Burnside. We seek your cooperation to ensure that your child arrives at school dressed appropriately, adhering to the school’s color scheme. It is through this partnership that we can foster a sense of discipline and respect for standards among our students.


Our Approach to Learning and Uniformity

Our commitment to education is unwavering, which is why we do not send children home for uniform adjustments. We trust that the need to address uniform transgressions will be minimal. However, should such a situation arise, please understand that decisions regarding the acceptability of a student’s uniform and appearance are made solely by the school staff and, ultimately, the Head Teacher.

We thank you for your support and look forward to continuing to nurture a community where learning and pride go hand in hand.


School uniform

All children are expected to wear uniform:

  • a red sweatshirt or cardigan;
  • a white Polo shirt.
  • plain grey or black school style trousers, skirt or pinafore;
  • black or white socks / tights;
  • plain black shoes. For safety,  No open-toe, high-heels, platforms or roller shoes.


Optional items:

  • grey/black school style shorts may be worn all year round;

in summer, from the start of the Summer term until Autumn half-term, red & white gingham style summer dresses may also be worn;

  • additional under-layers are encouraged for colder days. 
  • a hijab, in white, grey or red colour, may be worn.

To allow outdoor play to take place in wet weather, pupils are expected to have suitable warm and waterproof clothing :

  • Waterproofs – This may be a jacket, coat or suit
  • A warm fleece, jumper or cardigan
  • Winter hat and sun hat (optional)
  • Scarves and gloves (optional)
  • Wellie boots (optional)


Branded and/or designer items of clothing are not to be worn.

Sensible school shoes


PE uniform

PE kit / 'uniform' is worn for the whole day on a child's allocated PE day. These arrangements minimise lost property and maximise time taking part in sport and exercise rather than changing kit.  PE uniform to be worn to school:

  • Black T-shirt  or plain white T-Shirt
  • black  jogging bottoms/black leggings
  • black  PE shorts
  • plain trainers




  • Burnside book bag
  • name labelled water bottle



Hair & Jewellery

Hair must be neat and tidy (covered, plaited or in a pony-tail if long).  Extreme colours, styles or hair accessories that undermine the ethos or discipline of the school will not be permitted.

No make-up or nail polish is allowed. 

Watches or religious items required by the child’s faith may be worn. No other items of jewellery are allowed. 

No earrings are allowed


Named items

All items of clothing need to be named and children need to be encouraged at home and school to take care of their own property.



Buying Uniform

Uniform items with the school logo can be purchased from Cloud 9, Cramlington, Northumberland, HOWEVER items with the logo are not required and our uniform can be purchased from other retailers and supermarkets. We have NO essential branded/logo goods.


Loss & Damage

We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to an individual’s personal property.

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