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School Improvement Planning - Letter

School Improvement

2022 - 2023


Dear Parents and Children


Each year we look at how the last year has gone and targets to improve. We do this to make your school the VERY BEST it can be. We talk about what we should do to get better with the people who work here and most importantly you!

Then we write a very long plan. I wanted to share with you the things we have decided are most important for us to work on this year.


  1. It has been a strange few years and we want to make sure you have not missed out on any of the fabulous things we want you to learn. We want to make sure that you can achieve as highly as is possible for you and we are doing this by making sure your lessons are fabulous, the curriculum is exceptional and extra help is given to you if you need it! We are also ensuring the adults who work with you have all the tools they need to do this.


  1. We are going to continue to work exceptionally hard on making sure you are all fluent readers. Making sure the adults who work with you are well trained, that you read in abundance and are taught exciting phonics regularly ensuring that you become fluent and confident readers. We will continue to ensure you are taught the skills needed to understand your reading so that you can enjoy it and it helps you to learn. Reading is one of the most important things you learn to do as it helps you to do almost everything else. Every teacher reads an exciting story to you daily, you will practise reading and shared reading as a class, children in Key Stage 2 will take part in Reading Plus, you will get to use the library and reading shed. You will sometimes read with an adult and sometimes by yourself and you will be helped if you are finding it difficult. Some of you will have extra help with your reading outside of class time. Finally, Miss Turnbull will set fun reading challenges and events throughout the year.


  1. We are going to continue to work extremely hard on making sure you are confident mathematicians. We will continue to use White Rose Maths but will supplement this with Numbots in Key Stage 1 and Times Tables Rock Stars in Key Stage 2. We will also be investing in workbooks which will be in addition to your usual exercise books and will be using money from our school budget to purchase Rekenreks and to resource our outdoor learning spaces with maths equipment to support you learn in fun ways. We will be checking your progress termly. Our teachers will continue to participate in programmes/ studies to make them the best teachers they can be. We will continue to be part of the Great North Maths Hub.


  1. We are going to work hard to ensure all curriculum areas are exciting, well planned, build year on year on what you have already been taught starting in Nursery. As you move up the school you will have opportunity to receive specialist teaching in Art, Music and French. We will also supplement our curriculum by inviting experts in to support you with your learning from the universities, from the High School and Local Authority.



  1. We know that language, vocabulary and oracy stops some of you understanding what you are reading/writing or being able to say what you mean.  We are going to support those of you that need help being understood when you speak by having a member of staff dedicated to speech. We will continue to support all of you learn new words to help you become more confident writers. Our fun curriculum and lessons will help with this. You are taught new vocabulary specifically and your teacher will prepare vocabulary for you to learn relating to the curriculum you will be taught in class. We will be using Talk Boost in EYFS and KS1 to support anyone struggling with their communication skills.


  1. To ensure that the new EYFS reforms 2021 are embedded and utilised effectively. To strengthen the EYFS curriculum, assessment and practice to improve outcomes for all pupils and close the gap for disadvantaged pupils. To focus on improving the outside play learning opportunities.


  1. Your wellbeing - We want you to Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Kind. We want you to understand and be leaders of equality, having high aspirations for yourselves and others. We are going to continue to help you with this by teaching you about positive relationships, values and morals, and how to maintain a healthy mind as well as body. We are going to continue to train the adults in school to better understand how to promote positive mental health, and we are going to give you some strategies to help you cope with things you find difficult. We will ensure effective and robust safeguarding processes are in place across the school. It is important that the teachers come to work energised and full of enthusiasm to teacher you every day so we will develop strategies to reduce staff workload and improve wellbeing without compromising on pupil outcomes.


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