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Find Out What Your Child Is Learning

Thank you to everyone who completed our annual survey. From this we were able to  determine and 27% of parents completing this were unable that we share what your child will be learning in school on our website. Having insights from parents is crucial for continuous improvement.


To ensure that all parents have access to detailed information about their child’s learning, our school website plays a vital role. Our website provides detailed descriptions of what your child will be learning in each curriculum area for every term. You’ll find comprehensive information about subjects, topics, and learning objectives.


Each term’s curriculum content is outlined, allowing you to understand what your child will explore and study during that period.


We encourage you to explore these pages and use them as an invaluable tool for discussions with your child at home. Understanding their learning journey will help you support and reinforce their education.


Click the link below to take you directly to the page on our website where you will find this information.


Curriculum plans

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