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Parking Outside School

Recently, I was contacted by the nursing home adjacent to our school. They have been facing significant challenges due to vehicles obstructing the entrance to their facility. On one particularly critical occasion, access was completely blocked, and an ambulance that had been called to assist one of their residents could not get through. As a result, the patient’s transfer to the hospital was delayed.


I urge all parents and carers to park respectfully and considerately when dropping off or picking up children. Let us be mindful of the impact our actions can have on others. Here are some essential guidelines to follow:


Avoid blocking access: Ensure that your vehicle does not obstruct the nursing home’s entrance or exit. Leave enough space for emergency vehicles to pass without hindrance.


Use designated parking areas: Avoid stopping on the cycle path, across the entrance to school or nursing home, on double yellow lines.

Emergency vehicles need clear paths to reach those in need promptly either at the school or at the nursing home.


Set a positive example: Teach our children about responsible parking habits. Remind them of the importance of respecting the needs of our neighbours, especially those in vulnerable situations.


By adhering to these guidelines, we can contribute to the safety and well-being of our community. Let us show compassion and consideration to the nursing home residents and staff.

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