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Summer Term Assessments

We are writing to inform you about the national assessments that will be taking place this term for children in various year groups.


Year 6 Assessments (SATs): This week marks an important period for our Year 6 students as they undertake the End of Key Stage assessments. These tests assist in evaluating the progress and understanding of our students in their primary education.


Year 2 Optional Assessments: Throughout May will see our Year 2 students participating in optional national tests. These assessments are designed to support teacher judgements and provide additional insights into the learning achievements of our students.


Year 1 Phonics Check & Year 2 Retakes: During the week of 10th June, Year 1 will have their phonics screening check, and Year 2 will have the opportunity for retakes. This is a vital step in ensuring our students are developing strong foundational skills in reading.


Year 4 Multiplication Check: During June, our Year 4 students will undergo the Multiplication Check, an assessment that helps us understand their proficiency in this key area of mathematics.


The outcomes of these assessments will be shared with you in the school reports which you will receive on Wednesday 17th July.

NFER Tests for Literacy and Mathematics: Children in Years 1, 3, 4, and 5 will be completing their second round of NFER tests for literacy and mathematics during June and July. These tests are an integral part of our ongoing assessment process.


Assessment of Writing Skills and Knowledge: Throughout the term, our teachers will also be assessing your child’s writing skills and knowledge across all year groups. This continuous evaluation helps us tailor our teaching to better meet the needs of each student.


Reception and Nursery Assessments: Our dedicated teachers in Reception and Nursery continue to work closely with children daily to assess what they know and remember, fostering a nurturing environment for learning and growth.


We appreciate your support and cooperation during this period and are committed to providing the best educational experience for your child. We would like to stress that we do not put pressure on our children and repeatedly tell them all they need to do is their best.

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