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National Youth Charter as part of Safer Internet Day.

Last week our Digital Leaders came up with lots of ideas to contribute to the National Youth Charter as part of Safer Internet Day. The Safer Internet Centre are collecting ideas to be delivered to the government and the internet industry. Here our Digital Leaders' contributions for you to see.


We’d like the government to….

Develop more effective laws around online safety and set clear standards for the internet industry. 

Make sure the Online Safety Bill is implemented to do more to protect young people online. 

Make better laws to prevent hackers and cybercrime. 

Have more severe consequences for people who pretend to be someone else online. 


We’d like the internet industry to…

On apps such as Tik Tok, have adverts which are linked to online safety to keep spreading important messages and raising awareness of how we can keep ourselves safe online. 

Develop better ways of monitoring and filtering content, especially in 'restricted' mode.

Find better ways of implementing verification for age, and to ensure people are who they say they are. 

At the bottom of apps and games, have the Childline number and CEOPs button to help make reporting concerns easier. 


We’d like teachers and professionals working with young people to…

Do everything they can to keep helping young people know how to stay safe online. 

Continue making sure that online safety is taught to children and young people of all ages.

Help children and young people understand the consequences of their actions online. 

Give young people opportunities to use the internet in a positive way.


We’d like parents and carers to …

Understand that the internet is a great place and not all bad. 

Know how and why we like to use the internet.

Check our devices regularly and help us keep ourselves safe. 

Talk to us about how we use the internet and show an interest in our online life. 

Help us when we need help. 


We’d like children and young people to…

Think before they act.

Do everything they can to protect themselves and keep themselves safe online. 

Keep talking about life online and make sure everyone knows it's okay to ask for help if they need it. 

Look out for each other and help keep each other safe. 


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